Please redirect / rename to /community-old etc

I keep accidentally hitting the old forums.
I’d like to hit the new forums, pop in a redirect and or rename the old ones if you can, please.

I believe the URL must remain as-is because of the potentially enormous number of outside links to any various forum posts. Any redirect would also probably be an issue for finding the old site. However if perhaps you intend for only (very limited to) one redirected URL, that might be ok?

Aside fom that, I am not sure what the best way to effect locally what you desire, but it could be to add a bookmark to the new URL and set your browser to offer a suggestion from your bookmarks?

The new forum is already distinct being instead of which IMHO is better and what I had expected it to be all those years ago (it matches what is most common).


Fair enough, I don’t like broken content.

Perhaps an even bigger splash at the top of the page saying “NO REALLY, WRONG SITE”

I’ve gone to reply to 4 posts in the past week or two since this one was opened.

Are you getting some sort of alert to something at the old site or are you fighting “muscle memory”?

When I visit the old forum, I have a message at the bottom of my screen, very pronounced telling me the site is for viewing pleasure only.

I had to create a link in my Netscape web browser :wink:. Oh I miss those days of Netscape. Easy Life.

Oh, NCSA Mosaic! Oh, OmniWeb on OPENSTEP!

Lynx forever


Yeah, it’s hard to embiggen the warnings further without making the old forums unreadable.


I mean, from mobile it’s already a massive PIA…

I'm not that blind...

Never thought I would use ADBlock on TrueNAS’s official Forum.

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Ok fair enough I just checked it on MOBILE and yes good god the message is huge.

On Desktop though I thought it was a tad small, anyhow, so be it.