Plex app with a TV Tuner PCI-E Card

Hi all,

I was wondering why my thread went quiet, I didn’t realize the forum was renewed. :slight_smile:

Following on from my old thread here:

I was wondering if anyone would have any additional information that could help?

So far all I could do was in addition to running the Plex server as an application (which I want to keep) I made another Plex server on an Ubuntu VM which allowed me to pass the TV Tuner in and it works fine, but I would still much rather the application have direct access somehow. Any ideas?


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I made some progress…

I didn’t know about Truecharts…

I deleted the VM and rebooted TrueNAS.

I added the catalog and loaded up Plex from Truecharts. It has the option for me to add the USB devices, so I did the trick above for the TV tuner.

Plex sees it! However after scanning, no channels are found.

I tried going to TrueNAS → System Settings → Shell and putting in the command from the previous forum thread:

$ sudo midclt call system.advanced.update '{"kernel_extra_options": "cx23885.dma_reset_workaround=2"} 

And the output is this:

I tried a re-scan but still no channels.

I’m not sure what to do… :frowning:

It turns out there’s a bug with this particular tuner on Linux. When I went to scan channels, dmesg filled up with cx23885 driver errors, which tipped me off to the fix. Basically, there’s a workaround enabled by default for some hardware, but not for my setup (a 10400 CPU with a Z590 mobo). Adding the cx23885.dma_reset_workaround=2 option to the kernel command line forces the workaround on and allows the card to work properly.

You can make this kernel option persist across reboots and updates as follows:

$ sudo midclt call system.advanced.update '{“kernel_extra_options”: “cx23885.dma_reset_workaround=2”}