Plex container app keeps losing access to local media server


I’ve got the latest official Charts Plex App set up with the latest build of TrueNAS Scale. Everything is working as expected but seemingly every few days I will log into Plex via http://xx.xx.xx.xx:32400/web/, or via my TV, and Plex will have “lost access” to my local Plex server with error No content available and in my dashboard both the TV and Movies pins will display error Not authorized You do not have access to this server.

Plex runs under GID/UID 568 (the built in Apps group) and the Apps group has Full Control permissions within the ACL of my library and the Plex appdata. So I don’t believe its a permissions thing… It also doesn’t make sense that it happens every 24-48h and not straight away?

I’ve tried to reclaim the server and pop the new claim code into the app config but that’s not helped. I’ve also ticked the box to use host networking within the app config on the recommendation of another user that had this issue but it’s not resolved my issue.

I can resolve this issue by bouncing the container/app but it will happen again, I’m not sure what’s going on? Has anyone experienced this before?

TrueNAS Scale: TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2
Plex: App Version:, Chart Version: 2.0.6

Anyone have any ideas? :sweat_smile:

Edit: I’ve created my own hacky work around for now. I basically wrote a script to bounce my container every night at 6am. Meaning it never gets the timeout.

midclt call chart.release.scale plex '{"replica_count": 0}'
sleep 30s
midclt call chart.release.scale plex '{"replica_count": 1}'

Set it up at a Cron task within TrueNAS to run on a 6am daily schedule:
/bin/sh /<path to your script>/

It’s not a solution but it stops me having to listen to my friends or family moan when Plex breaks.

try to use custom app