Plex container traffic on a dedicated network interface?

I’m trying to have container/apps traffic through a specific, single network interface. Here is my network interface configuration - the interface I would like to route the traffic through is the one marked with red.

Here is my App network configuration - I expected the Route v4 interface to do this.

However, my Plex web-portal happens to open on which is not the interface/subnet ( I’d like the traffic to go through.

I’ve looked into enabling and configuring metallb dedicated K8s load balancer but that I can’t seem to find this in the App Catalog even after adding the Enterprise train.

Any suggestions how to best do this? I remember I was able to do this on Core via jail network config but I’d rather not go back to jails and sandboxes, if at all possible.

After some investigation, it turns out this actually behaves exactly as I would expect - the traffic is indeed routed through the chosen interface.

The mystery is still why did Plex App choose the interface as its web portal…and how I could change this. I’ll keep looking.