Plex media server functions not shown

Hi everyone,

Currently learning as I go so hopefully I’m just being a bit dense and this is a quick fix.

I’ve installed the latest truenas scale as a VM on my lab and added the Plex & Nextcloud applications.

Nextcloud works perfectly but Plex is not giving me the server options, it’s on the same network range as everything else and the firewall is wide open but for some reason, I cant add any media.

Why would the Plex Media Server application not want to be a server?

I tried using Core and “Not authorized - You do not have access to this server”

I can only install the Client on mine. I am trying to find out how to install the server app. Perhaps we are having the same issue. Hopefully someone chimes in.

I put it on a completely different ESXi host and got exactly the same problem. I may need idiot proof instructions for the app and network setup :roll_eyes: