Plex not updating (TrueCharts)

Hi there.
So i was wondering why my Plex was saying there is an update, but no updates under “Apps”.
Then I remembered that I hadent updated my TruenNAS in some time, so i updated to Dragonfish.

But there is still no updates.
Searching the forum, i found something about TrueCharts not updating or something. So, can anyone here please assist me in getting things sorted?


Truecharts stopped support for truenas. iX announced that kubernetes will be removed in a future update in Oktober and will be replaced with plain docker and docker compose. Since Truecharts builds helm charts for kubernetes they’ve archived the truecharts apps catalogue for truenas and is working on a migration script for truecharts users who want to keep using their apps. We now know that that solution is a vm with talos linux and an script that will migrate apps from the buildin k3s system to that vm. There will not be any updates for truecharts apps anymore.

Hi Lars.

Oh i see, that is to bad. So just thinking here.
What about the “TrueNAS Catalogs”, if I install that version of Plex, will that keep working, and change to docker, or?

So if i install that, will that break my already running setup?
I starte with that version of Plex, but i had some issues with updates also (It was slow), that was why i changed to TrueCharts.


According to varioius statements from iX they intend to automatically migrate truenas and custom apps to docker when the apps system switches to docker. Time will tell if that migration will be smooth and without problems. Many others, myself included migrated to a linux jail to run native docker. I’ve migrated my 25 truecharts apps over the course of the last month to that jail running docker with portainer to manage my apps. Overall resource usage is way lower then with k3s and managing docker with portainer is also way easier then the buildin gui from truenas. When truenas gets native docker support, all i have to do is change some paths in my docker-compose files and can spinn up every app i now use in the jail. Or I’ll keep them in the jail, havent made that decision yet.

Hi Lars.
Thankyou verry much again. I’m already tired, and i only have one TrueCharts app. Haha.
I don’t have any special love for kubernetes, and i only used docker for a short time.
So. I have to take a deep think, about what to do next.

Thankyou again for your information. :slight_smile:

God I wish I would have seen this a couple weeks ago…

Any chance you can link some resources on the linux jail topic? I’ve been way deep in a plex remote access issue for a couple weeks and am in need of an alternate solution that doesn’t involve migrating my ZFS pool to another platform.

I follows this Video Guide by Forum member @Stux and there’s a pretty Long thread Here on the Forum and the old one

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Thanks! That was one of the first things I found after I read your post, and I’m watching it now. That it’s what you used feels like the first thing that’s gone right on this in a couple weeks.