Plex Remote Access dropping

System Information:

40GB Ram
8 disk pool
Plex 2.0.8/
PF Sense router (2.7.2) attached directly to personally owned Arris S33 (xfinity)
(let me know what I’m missing, if anything)

I’ve been running this hardware configuration for a couple years and it was running fine on old scale versions (bluefin/old truecharts plex version) until a couple weeks ago when Plex stopped allowing remote access.

After some basic troubleshooting, I tried to update plex. That ran into a myriad of errors. Eventually, it looked like I needed to update scale to update plex. Went to Cobia, that pretty much fragged my whole setup and I couldn’t install, delete, or update any apps. Went to current scale version, eventually removed all apps and tried to start fresh with truecharts apps. Around this point, I realized there was a “process” that truecharts had published for upgrading, but I had already broke so much stuff, I couldn’t come close to getting their process to work. I Painfully learned that truecharts is pretty temperamental and even though I was starting fresh with all my apps, I still couldn’t get anywhere near working, and decided to go back to official.

Once I went back to official, I was able to get back to everything working except plex remote access. I’ve tried everything I can think of or find to fix this. Enabled/disabled upnp, set up firewall/NAT rules to open the port in the router (even though router logs don’t seem to show anything related to plex), made sure the host networking check box is checked, manually specified public port is checked in plex>remote access, set up the ADVERTISE_IP environment variable, added “server: private-domain: “”” DNS resolver option to PF sense, tried to pull kubectl logs for plex (apparently empty), and several other settings in plex>network and every combination of all the above that I can think of. The best I can get is that it shows green/connected for a minute then goes back to red/unavailable.

I have also reinstalled the latest version of scale today. I’m probably 25 hours into troubleshooting this and just can’t isolate the issue. I think it’s related to the networking within scale that obscures the containers, but I just don’t know how to troubleshoot that and can’t find/understand any resources related to it.

Please… help… lol.

I was having same issue and then checked “Host Connection” to bind to the host network and fixed … but I don’t know what affect that will have on other apps when I start to install those … currently only have Plex up and running in Scale Dragonfish-

Just found another thread talking about ix ditching kubernetes for docker soonish and there being an existing solution to go to linux jails/docker now. I’m going to start down that path and see where it leads.

That’s what I’ll be doing … but wanted a quick setup to get Plex back up and running while I learn docker and/or electric eel gets released and makes everything simple like Core was (to me) …

I was initially going to wait for the next Scale release but Core doesn’t like the AM5 setup I just “upgraded” to so was kind of forced to go with Scale now

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