Pool Issues - Incorrectly Formatted Disk

I just purchased a new Dell R760 for storage.

The storage controller is in IT mode so that all of the storage drives are passed through directly to the OS.

When trying to create a storage pool, I receive the following message:

Error: [EFAULT] Disk: ‘sdd’ is incorrectly formatted with Data Integrity Feature (DIF).

All of the drives are showing this message. These are brand new Dell-branded drives.

    TOSHIBA   AL15SEB24EQY      EF06   peripheral_type: disk [0x0]
      << supports protection information>>
      Unit serial number: 14P0A33DFQYF
      LU name: 5000039d0869d761
Mode Sense (block descriptor) data, prior to changes:
  <<< longlba flag set (64 bit lba) >>>
  Number of blocks=4688430768 [0x11773c6b0]
  Block size=512 [0x200]
Read Capacity (16) results:
   Protection: prot_en=1, p_type=1, p_i_exponent=0
   Logical block provisioning: lbpme=0, lbprz=0
   Logical blocks per physical block exponent=3
   Lowest aligned logical block address=0
   Number of logical blocks=4688430768
   Logical block size=512 bytes
No changes made. To format use '--format'. To resize use '--resize'

See this guide:

Dell branded drives use non standard sector sizes like 520 for example so you will need to format them to 512 or 4k. You can confirm this with:

sg_readcap /dev/sdd and take note of the ‘Logical block length’

You can then format them with the below command:

sg_format --format --ffmt=1 --size=4096 /dev/sdd

The --ffmt=1 option speeds up the process.