Pool offline after hardware change


I recently was moving my NAS setup to an older “destination” pc (so I can get my main “origin” pc back to a useable desktop), and it often can’t find the main pool. On the new (destination) hardware, I was able to get it to boot and load everything except recognizing the three disks as the main pool, except one time when it did correctly recognize it and loaded. Everything seems to be in order except the boot pool (and my VM appears to not be able to load or be editable because the NIC changed, but I think that should be solvable). All disks show up under Storage/Disks as expected (ssd + 3 hdds) with the correct SNs, but list pool as N/A. The boot SSD is correctly assigned to the boot-pool and boots successfully.

Is there some way I can get it to load the pool with the 3 disks without losing any data on the destination computer?

I can swap all the disks back to the previous hardware if needed, though its a bit of a pain. I did this to verify I didn’t break any of the disks or anything, and it loaded just fine on there. It was immediately after this that the disks loaded once on the destination hardware, but the pool was offline by morning.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Version: “TrueNAS-13.0-U6.1”
(“older pc”/“destination computer” aka where TrueNAS is moving TO, is an AMD computer with 16gb ram)
(“main pc”/“source computer” aka where TrueNAS is moving FROM, is an Intel computer with 32gb ram)