Port forwarding on TrueNAS Scale

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I would like to redirect the incoming traffic from my router to Nextcloud on port 9005, but it seems that TrueNAS is blocking the redirection to this port when I try to access it from the outside

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There is no active firewall on TrueNAS so nothing that could “block” a connection.

If port 9005 is reachable in the local network, does your TrueNAS have a proper default route configured?

Are you running Nextcloud as an app? What are the K3S network settings?

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I don’t know how to check the default route on my TrueNAS. Also, I’m running TrueNAS as an app and I don’t know the K3S network settings.

You run Nextcloud as an app, I assume, not TrueNAS.

Default gateway: Network > Global Configuration > Default Route - the IP address of your Internet router which also does the port forwarding must be configured here.

K3S network: Apps > Settings > Advanced Settings - did you change any of Node IP, Route v4 Interface, or Route v4 Gateway? It’s ok if they are empty. Only if there are values that do not match your network could this be a problem.

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I installed Nextcloud directly via the ‘application’ tab in TrueNAS.
I have entered the correct gateway IP address of my router, and nothing appears in ‘Route v4 Interface’ and ‘Route v4 Gateway’, only the IP in the Node IP.
The problem is that when I configure port forwarding on my router to the IP of my NAS with port 9005 (which corresponds to the port of my Nextcloud), it doesn’t redirect to anything…

Are you testing from your internal LAN? That probably works only from the outside so you need a different Internet connection to test.

Also do you forward 80 or 443 to that 9005 on your TN? Some ISPs block that.

Last, do you have a publicly reachable IP address at all? If your connection is with CGNAT/DSlite you cannot have publicly reachable services via IPv4.

I am testing from the external network. For some unknown reason, I can only access this port forwarding through my internet box starting from port 49152.

My IP is publicly accessible.

How can I know if I am under CGNAT/DSLite and if my ISP is blocking port forwarding?

What’s your external IP address as the router shows it?

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my public IP is

No CGNAT, that’s good. Time to contact your ISP’s support I guess.

Very well, thank you for your trust! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.