Problem Booting

I have and odd problem. I have a USB drive installed. If it is plugged in when booting, Truenas gets to “Welcome to GRUB” and then freezes. If I unplug the drive and boot, it boots though without freezing. If I allow it to boot just past the grub and plug in the drive it continues to boot and the system functions perfectly. Any ideas why the USB drive would hose up the boot? All the other USB drives dont exhibit the same issue.

Probably something to do with its contents… what’s the story, why is it plugged in at all?

I have a couple I use as Temp storage… I know , I know USB-B-BAD…

Well, make sure they don’t have any boot remnants that GRUB might trip on.

So you think it is trying to boot from the drive in question?

Not as much trying to boot, per se, as getting confused. GRUB does weird nonsense like that a lot more than it really should.

Silly question and forgive me if you have… but have you checked the Bios in the host system to check boot order?
As mentioned above may be getting tripped up on the USB as it may be tops in the BIOS boot order?

something to look at

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Good thought. I will check…Didn’t think of that duoh…