Problem report, (solved): TNS Installation woes (unknown filesystem)

So I just spent a couple of hours trying to install TNS 23.10 on a

X12STH-LN4F with an E2336, 96G DDR4 ECC, Bios 1.6

I create my installation sticks with Rufus (4.3p in this case), using the suggested (ISO) mode.

I tried various USB ports on that board (USB2, USB3, internal port), I tried 23.10.1, 23.10.2

I tried various settings in Bios (couldnt find CSM mode to play with so i didnt try that)

I used the following USB Sticks
SanDisk Cruiser 32GB
Booting from UEFI

Booting from Legacy

China NoName USB (Enuoda 32GB)
Same from UEFI,

I was on my way to open a request for help topic when I finally found a working combination - NoName stick, Legacy boot.

I selected/enabled UEFI boot during the installation and it boots up just fine.

Just as a guidance for other people since I have seen a lot of requests for help but basically no feedback from ppl who got it to work.

BIOS version 1.8 is the current version for this board. First, recommend upgrading to that. I have no idea if that will allow CSM or not.


I don’t know what “suggested mode” you are talking about (okay I think I do but that is an assumption). It could be some YouTube video, or someone’s posting. I do my best to not assume, it makes for bad advice.

Here are some instructions: Installing SCALE |

More details, better help. Do not assume we know what you are doing, be descriptive.

Also, it pays to search Google “truenas boot iso usb” and I got this which looks just like your problem and with a solution.

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Now if that post only had been found when searching for “truenas grub unknown filesystem” … :wink:

Instead it returned a lot of unresolved posts in the old forum.

Anyhow, its working now, it was just for a test, I dont need it and the only reason I posted was to help.
Thanks for pointing out an actual fix, I am sure this will be helpful for the next person having that issue :+1:

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Sometimes it is all about those key words. When I don’t find something good the first time, I change a few words and hope something materializes.