Problem with deploying jellyfin

Back-off restarting failed container jellyfin in pod jellyfin-7fd798fddc-sgvnx_ix-jellyfin(cf877767-0a64-4171-88c7-93b947f13aca)


If someone sent you a screenshot (non-searchable, barely readable) of a text dump with blue-on-black font (and that’s about it), what would be your first steps in helping them with their issue? How would you approach it?

I had the same issue as this my fix was to reinstall and leaving everything default except adding media library and 1 intel GPU no custom user no mounts for config and it all staid working now.

thank you!

pretend the post doesn’t exist and move on? :rofl:

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fresh install or an update for a working setup previously but now currently broke?

ixsystems so i assume you were using the truenas app install method?

i use the docker container setup via jailmaker.

anytime i had issues with jellyfin setup it was either

  1. permission issues. acls done incorrectly on the dataset which prevented docker from deploying correctly

  2. misconfiguration in the docker compose.

  3. whenever you are updating database to new versions, this may break the database. this is why most often with databases they recommend to specify version so it doesn’t auto update database. so whenever you need to update database you do it manually. because this may entail backing up database by creating a dump, before updating then restoring your dump to the new update. google this up.

no expert but from what i can see it failed to load due to database issue.

i don’t use the truenas apps, so can’t help with that. but if it were docker/jailmaker setup and i didn’t mind a fresh setup, i would stop/inactivate the docker, then delete the container persistent config folder for the app. then re-check the compose, edit accordingly then redeploy (important part is set the database to the specific version so it doesn’t auto update. Not saying you should never update, you should if there security patches, but with databases updates you need to be careful as it can potentially break when updating db most often, so you need backup before update just in case).

That’s all i can think of :saluting_face: