qBitTorrent Downloading Error

Hi everyone,

Ive installed qBitTorrent on my TrueNAS SCALE (TrueNAS-SCALE- following LowRes tutorial.


  1. Creating a dataset “qbittorrent-media” and giving it the following permissions:

  2. Installed qbittorrent on SCALE and directied it to the “qbittorrent-media” dataset with the following settings:

  3. Logged into the qBitTorrent WEB GUI and made sure to set my "Deafault Save Path to: “qbittorrent-media”

When I try to download a test file to check that everything is connected correctly my downloading torrent is stuck on ERROR:

Any help would be much appreciated it, I plan to attach a VPN to this service but would like to make sure it is working properly before I buy a VPN service.

Thank you team!