Qbittorrent Error: Rejecting failed torrent file

Hi Everyone,

I have just set up my first TrueNAS server, using SCALE- Following the setup tips from MarkHoltz here on the forum. I have set up a monitored folder for dropping torrents to have download automatically. Qbittorrent reads the folder but then throw an error in the log Rejecting failed torrent file :/watch “torrent name”.torrent.

If I manually add the torrent, it downloads fine, so no downloading issues. Just refusing to auto load torrents. I have set the permissions for owner and group to “apps” and added my user id to have full control.

Has anyone else encountered this and possibly shed some light on how to fix this

Hey All,

So I have manage to fix the issue after also trying to deal with plex not read folders. After removing and reinstalling qbittorrent. I set the monitored fold like before as an additional storage location. This time how ever I set the type as SMB rather than host path. Dropped a torrent in, and now auto starts the torrent.