QNAP TVS-h674 move to TrueNAS Scale or buy another hardware

I bought a QNAP TSV-h674 - which I rate as good, modern hardware. But I’m not happy with QuTS hero as my OS. I’m considering switching to TrueNAS Scale.
Should I try to switch to TrueNAS Scale with my QNAP NAS or should I consider to buy new hardware (and which?) ?

There are a few threads about QNAP already. You should take a look.

Generally, if you have enough ram and can get display output, then probably :slight_smile:

You need to take care of the fans as they are software controlled and the software does not automatically work in truenas. One solution is to set them to max.


  1. Remove your current data drives and install a single spare SATA drive.
  2. Connect SSD in an external USB enclosure.
  3. Install TrueNAS on USB SSD. Make sure to not pick the on board 5GB eUSB DOM and/or remove it. To remove it, you will need to heat up the white staking compound with a heat gun or hair dryer. (see pic below)
  4. Take TrueNAS for a spin to make sure all the peripherals and interfaces function.
  5. If it does not go well, you can reinstall your original data drives.

Note: Some users reported QNAP BIOS will not allow booting off the M.2 NVM slots, so you will be stuck with a SSD in an external USB enclosure, unless you are willing to sacrifice one of the SATA drives or you are willing to replace the Apacer eUSB DOM with at least 16GB.

These are the eUSB DOMs I bought for my QNAP TS-[246]53A units to install TrueNAS. You would have to confirm compatibility with the TVS-h674. Full Apacer data sheet on Jameco product page.

Apacer 16GB eUSB DOM

QNAP TVS-h674 full review

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in my case, i had 2 nmve sata installed a a qnap QWA wifi add on card which also happens to have 2 m.2 sata slots, which is where i added my crucial mx 500 ssds at.

though they are detected, but when i try to setup as boot drives it wouldn’t work, though it could be installed on them.

I did not test the ssd sata 2.5’’ bays. That might work? but i didn’t test since i didn’t have any of those ssds on hand.

So i opted for the external m.2 nvme usb enclosure (mine is Orico brand), which it boots from just fine.

for the dom module on the ts-877, elvis documented how to remove it. For a TS-877 you had to use a heater to loosen it to be able to take it out. The process is a bit tedious, so i just left it there.

Just go bios and set it not to boot. Also when in truenas admin UI, you can setup a script so it doesn’t boot on truenas boot up. however, if you plug or unplug a usb in the nas, this may undo that script because the usb devices change. Keep that in mind. Which is why i did not bother doing that. Just simply not use it, that’s all. You can even set that drive to sleep since it’s not doing anything.

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