Questions about Unexpected Increase in Virtual Machine Size on Proxmox with TrueNAS

Good day experts,

I have a strange behavior that I don’t understand the reason for, and I hope you can help me. I have TrueNAS running on Proxmox with passthrough of 2 hard drives following the instructions in the following forum: Passthrough Physical Disk to Virtual Machine (VM) - Proxmox VE
I have a mirror pool set up in truenas, and everything seems fine. However, the issue is that suddenly the size of the virtual machine shown in Proxmox increases by an average of 500MB per day. In TrueNAS, I only have Jellyfin installed as a test, as I’m trying to identify why there’s this increase in virtual machine size. According to my understanding, the size of the virtual machine shouldn’t increase, and I don’t see any apparent reason for the memory increase within TrueNAS. Obviously, I’m not writing any data to the pool created with the 2 hard drives. My question is, is there a way to determine the reason for this behavior? My PC specifications are: 64GB of RAM, 1TB SSD (where Proxmox is installed, and the virtual machine running TrueNAS, where I see the increase in size on the graphs without apparent reason), an RTX-2060ti GPU, Ryzen 5 1600 processor. The virtual machine is assigned 32GB of RAM. Thanks, Diego Sánchez.

Hi Diego, welcome to the forum.

I’m not too familiar with proxmox (only have a very small lab node configured myself), but out of curiosity, how is your TrueNAS boot pool configured? Have you thin-provisioned a virtual disk to install TrueNAS on or have you passed an HBA through so TrueNAS has direct control of the disks you are using?