Radiant Slog Drive Failure

Good day Community. I need some assistance please.

We had installed a new Radiant drive into our TrueNAS server, the Drive was detected and added as an SLog device to vdev. (Physical) this was working well and all of a sudden the drive failed on us around 2-3 hours later, assume it has overheated.

that being said, we ended up removing the SLog Drive due to damage, however my pool states Offline.

if my assumtion is correct, i can just detach the Drive from the Pool, to restore it into a healthier state, however its not clear what would be the BEST SOP or Procedure to recover from this situations and ensure data intergirty remains as intact as possible :slight_smile:

I have read that using the import command on zpool it would allow me to import the data, however this is also held up as its attempting to add the Slog Drive and data as well.

From my own thought process, i believe if i would go to cli, make use of the split command to split the drive away from the Pool and then with a restart it would bring the pool in a healthier state again

if possible, to help me with a little guidance as what would be the best process to resolve this approach.

This Truenas Core - Slog Failure Testing - RMS 200 may help you.

Thanks for the response.

At this point for now my problem is getting my pool back up and running without the drive and with as little as possible data loss to the pool dataset.

From what I understand, if I disconnect the vdev then my dataset and pool should be happy and healthy again.

As I’m new to cli based command I’m attempting to learn the cli path above the GUI.

@Redcoat thanks for that link, I’ll give it a read and respond with my findings.

Truly a legend of a community.

Could you please do “Test 2” and do a reboot afterwards?
I wonder if the degraded state goes away after a reboot.