Raid expansion didn't go well with ElectricEel

So, I upgraded yesterday to the latest ElectricEel nightly. I decided to try out the extend feature so I could had another drive to my pool. I upgraded the pool and then went to manage devices where I was able to select extend for the VDEVI wanted to use. It started the process then it hit 25% where it said something like waiting for extension to start. I waited for over an hour+ and it just stayed at 25% with that message. So I rebooted knowing nothing was going to happen and I had no other option. The pool did mount after it rebooted but now it’s in a degraded state. When I go into manage devices it shows what looks like should have been the 5th drive I was going to add but it’s just a random string. The drive I was going to add still shows that it’s an unused disk in the main storage menu. I scrubbed the pool to see if that would help but it didn’t. So I was wondering if there is anything I can do to fix this other than offloading the files off the NAS and starting the pool from scratch again?

Also yes, I do know this is beta software and I knew what I was getting into when I installed it. This isn’t the fault of Truenas that’s why I’m not complaining. I just want to see if there is an answer to this problem before I go through a long process.

Did you test the drive (ie a burn in) before adding it as another member?

Drives sometime die when brand new, hence people recommend running a burn in procedure.

Seems like your new drive may have died.

Electric Eel is not BETA software. It’s in active development and is intended for developers only.

See: Software Status - TrueNAS Roadmap - Open Source NAS Software

BETA will be in August… after that, we’ll be accepting bug tickets.

I just took the drive out and threw it in a hard drive dock and it’s still functional. I guess I’ll just move everything off and start it all over. I took the risk and it didn’t pay off :frowning:

I got ya, I was just seeing if anyone has had this problem and knew of a solution. I saw on reddit a user named iX_Chris suggest using it on the truenas sub. He mentioned the only major problem they know of with the build is app support doesn’t work which is fine since I have a separate NAS for my apps. I’ll probably just reroll this nas for now. Wish it could have workd out.

You are on the bleeding edge until BETA.

I strongly recommend no deployments with production data. Even BETA is a slight risk until its been community tested for a while.

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