Recommendations based on my setup

I’m new to TrueNAS and need some general advice on a setup or TreNAS that would give me high network throughput for file sharing, running a few VMs etc.

I really have no idea what would be the optimal configuration or Pools etc.

Thanks in advance.


Supoermicro X13SEM-TF motherboard
Xeon 4510T CPU
256GB DDR5 Ram
2x3.2TB PM1725 Mixed Use PCIE Card
Mellanox ConnectX 5 10/25 NIC

With that hardware you can basically do whatever you want. Resource - High Speed Networking Tuning to maximize your 10G, 25G, 40G networks | TrueNAS Community

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Get this fellow a medal that says “Pioneer”, first user I’ve come across using an X13 Xeon Scalable board.
Also, here’s to the madman at Supermicro who said “let’s put Xeon Scalable onto a microATX board!”


Madman? How would you qualify he at AsRock Rack who put Xeon Scalable on mini-ITX?

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Complete lunatic. Mad scientist.


Thanks for your insightful comments, it does not have anything to do with my question however.

Well, it helps to have a problem to address. You haven’t really given us much in terms of specific goals nor in terms of questions you have.

Well that would have been a better comment than the one you had earlier.

Instead you were trying to make fun of the whole situation.
So thank you very much of doing that.

I was looking at that board, mATX and a crapton of PCIe connectivity.

Even has nice m2 x2 slots for boot m2s

You have two drives.

You should set them up as a mirror.

You did t say what they were. If they don’t have good sync perf then perhaps you should consider a good SLOG, depends on your work load.

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Assuming “2x3.2TB PM1725 Mixed Use PCIE Card” is also two drives. Set that up as a mirror as well, as another vdev in the same pool.

What question?
With a Xeon Scalable, 256 GB and NVMe storage (no HDDs at all?), high performance is a given but you haven’t really explained what you want to achieve (how many clients? what sharing protocol? what kind of VM?) and with two pairs of drives, there’s no choice of layout. So not much to advise about.


EPYC ROME is likely cheaper.
If you already have the hardware, do you have any specific configuration questions? Have you read the usual reccomended resources?