Recommended method to create user personal smb shares

Hi, what is the recommended method to create smb shares for each of my users? I mean what dataset type to choose, what smb share parameters, etc.

I ask this, because since 24.04 dragonfish, the method described in the docs is listed as legacy. See Setting Up SMB Home Shares | TrueNAS Documentation Hub

Why are you choosing Home Shares? How many users are you setting up shares for?

I am not choosing home shares definitely… I am searching what’s the recommended way.

I have 4-5 users in a small business environment. Users are local truenas users, no active directory in use.

Do you recommend typlical smb datasets/shares with permissions manually set for each user?

Unless you specifically want to set up Home Shares, just create SMB shares for your users by following the instructions in:

Ready the entire article for a full understanding but you can follow the summary procedure and the detailed sections in this article to set up shares for your users.

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Ok, so basic shares with desired permissions for each user is your suggestion.

But when one would need to setup a home share?

I have already read the doc you linked. Thanks.

My understanding is this (Home Shares) is or should be a deprecated feature but I’ll need to confirm this. the plan is to deprecate this article as it can lead to confusion.

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