Recovering the entire virtual machine

I don’t know if I will describe the problem well and the solution I used may not be good.

I installed TrueNAS SCALE as a virtual machine on VMware, everything works fine, for tests I added 2 x 200GB (mirror) as storage. I also use Veeam as a backup of virtual machines on an IBM array. I create a copy of the virtual machine where I have TrueNAS merge without problems, I test restore the virtual machine on another VMware server and this process also ends in failure. What’s more, the virtual machine with TrueNAS SCALE opened in this way starts up and I can log in, unfortunately for some reason there is no storage configuration, so I don’t have any pool, etc.

What could be wrong with the recreated VM?

You must not use virtual disks for storage with TrueNAS. Boot pool is ok.