Reinstall TrueNAS Scale on mainboard/CPU change?

I’m very new to TrueNAS and just installed it on my current PC hardware a few weeks ago. It is based on an AMD 5600G with 16 GB non-ECC RAM. Now I’m thinking of upgrading to a ECC-RAM based system and an AMD 5650G Pro CPU. Actually I hope, that I can keep the mainboard that I have (ASUS Prime B550 Plus).

Is a reinstallation of TrueNAS (and pool export/import) recommended or even necessary? Or can I just use the boot SSD and data drives as they are and boot from the new hardware?

Kind regards

Nope. You might need to reconfigure the network interface when you change to the new motherboard, but otherwise should be good to go.


Nice ! Thanks for the quick reply!

if it boots you’re good. May have to reconfigure the network from the console.

Just download a config before the move, then do it. Worst case re-install and upload the config.