Removing geli encryption - adding new disk instead of replacing?

I was wondering - there are guides on how to remove geli encryption by replacing disks.
In the case of a vdev with mirrors, can I simply add a new disk without encryption, wait for resilvering, and removing another? Or do I need to replace a disk?

You definitely can. Make sure to create a partition table on the new disk that is identical to the present ones and refer to partitions by UUID and never by device name when attaching.


Not with the GUI, surely?

If you replace a disk of a GELI encrypted vdev via the UI it will very probably apply the same encryption to the new drive.

@pmh thank you so much! I was actually referring to your famous guide, so cool that the answer came from you :grinning:.

That’s very nice, I didn’t want to risk loosing data, so if I’ll have to use a fresh disk anyway, so many e better off using it as an addition, not replacement.