Repairing Damaged Raid-Z Volume - FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6


Is it possible to repair a ZFS detached volume … 3 disks (RAIDZ), one failed running on FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6.

I tried hot swapping failed disk but FreeNAS wouldn’t recognize bad drive to swap. I detached volume and now want to copy files from the other two and create a new volume. Running 3 2 TB WD Red disks on FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6. These disks had a 98% uptime for about 10 years with no issues. I may have pushed capacity; If i remember correctly it may have been close to 90% capacity. Not sure if this is what caused one of the drives to fail.

Ideally I would like to pull about 25% of needed files from the other 2 and start over with a new set of disks on a new volume.

Can I use the shell/terminal to view the other disks if the volume has been detached but still connected physically?

Any help or recommendation would be appreciated.


It’s hard to follow your situation. What’s the output of zpool status?

Screenshot attached. Volume is called calatrava and contains 3 2TB WD Red drives. Under Available it says “Error getting available space” under Status it says “UNKNOWN”.

Was wondering … is it possible to view or pull files from 2 of the other RAIDZ disks that were not damaged?

Unable to attach screenshot.

…which is good; screenshots of command output are hard to parse anyway. Why not copy/paste text? Put three backticks (```) above and below to preserve formatting.

While I must agree that text is better in this case, a screenshot would have been acceptable, if hardly ideal. So my question is why couldn’t you attach it? Can you describe the error you got?

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Thank you Honey Badger, ericloewe and dan,

I appreciate your follow-up and sorry for the delayed response.

Here’s a quick recap of my set-up prior to drive issue …

FreeNAS 9.10.2-U6

2 Volumes

1st Volume 3 2TB WD Red Drives
2nd Volume 2 Hitachi 2TB Drives

When issue began FreeNAS GUI (columns) showed

1st volume -
Used - 0 (Error)
Available - Error getting available space
Compression - (nothing)
Compression Ratio - (nothing)
Status - UNKNOWN
Readonly - (nothing)
Comments - (nothing)

2nd volume -
Used - 1.3 TiB (72%) first line / 1.3 TiB (74%) second line
Available - 509.9 GiB first line / 451.9 GiB second line
Compression - first line (nothing) / second line inherit (off)
Compression Ratio - first line (nothing) / second line 1.00x
Status - first line HEALTHY / second line (nothing)
Readonly - first line (nothing) / second line inherit (off)
Comments - (nothing)

At this point I detached 1st volume. Right now pool status only shows 2nd volume.

I thought i initially setup 1st volume (3 drives) as RAIDZ (this was 10 years ago). However when i viewed 2nd volume in GUI under Status it shows 2nd Volume name, with a tick, when i tick the triangle, under volume name on second line it says mirror-0 and then the next 2 lines has the 2 drive names. All 4 lines showing ONLINE under Status. Does mirror-0 indicate RAIDZ? Hope it does not mean Striped.

I did some reading online and found a Unix command gpart. (in Shell) Was hoping that gpart would show the detached 1st volume. It’s detached as a volume but physically connected to my machine. gpart only showed the 2nd volume drives. Also saw something about Auto-Importing a detached volume however didn’t see this option in FreeNAS GUI. Either way 1 of the 3 drives in the 1st volume failed. Was hoping that inserting a new 2TB WD Red drive in place of the failed drive would reRAID onto the new drive.

Was also wondering if 2 of the 3 drives were RAIDZ if I can still pull files by attaching to another computer and using UNIX shell to copy files.

Hope this helps. If not please let me know if there’s any other info I can provide.

Thank you again.‘’’

No, it means mirrored. That doesn’t bode very well if you had three disks and they weren’t a three-way mirror - but it’s hard to say without looking at the output of zpool status and/or zpool import.