Replacing and too many errors

Hi everyone.
I had problems with one of my disks in truenas. It was getting a lot of errors. So i decided to disconnect and clen with victoria (in victoria disk was in very good condition) . I did write 0 and after this i connected it again. I click replace and i left it, beacuse i saw that something is loading. When it ended (like 4 h) i restart truenas and now i see this: What i do wrong. How i can fix this?


I believe the replacement disk… has faulted again.

I’m not sure why you have multiple disks under the replacing header.

perhaps buy a new disk… and extend the existing disk…

not sure how to replace a disk that’s being replaced… you can probably offline and remove them…

which is why I suggest buying a new disk… and extending the original unfaulted member of the mirror before it fails too.

Or do you have a 3-way mirror?

What do the SMART results say for the faulted disk? Could be a cabling/power issue.

I can’t remove any of this “disks”, beacuse i see this error.

And i had one mirror with 2 disks 4TB.
When i try replace it was just one disk to replace.

And this is results smart test

but i don’t understand why i have a lot of checksum errors with this disk, beacuse in victoria i don’t saw problems with disk…


What is your complete hardware setup?