Replacing HDD on Raidz2


I’ve got one disk with bad sectors on a raidz2 pool (5x2To WD GREEN):

  • Device: /dev/ada0, 3 Offline uncorrectable sectors.
  • Device: /dev/ada0, 4 Currently unreadable (pending) sectors.

I can’t replace the disk right now because money is tight so i have a couple of questions:
-Can i replace the disk with a WD BLACK 1To and rebuild?
-If not, can i resize the raidz2 pool using the four good disks and eventually expand it when i can purchase a replacement?

Thanks for reading!

You cannot replace a drive with a smaller one.
You cannot remove or increase a RAIDZ vdev without destroying it.

One more drive and you lose the pool, I would scramble to backup or to buy a replacement if I were you.

Tank you for your response Davvo!

I’ll probably recreate a pool with four disk and restore my backup on it then.

Following question:

Can i create a raidz with 4x2to WD GREEN + 1To WD BLACK?
I know it isn’t good practice to mix different type of HDD on raidz but i’m curious.

If I remember correctly you can, but the VDEV will consider your WD GREEN as 1TB drives until you replace the WD Black with a 2TB drive.


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Thank you, i will make a pool with four drives and then recreate it when i have a new 2To drive.

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