Replication Task stuck 'Fetching data...'

I have a couple of replication tasks that are stuck showing ‘Running’ , with the os version “TrueNAS-SCALE-23.10.2”


Actually I found a similar question here Replication task stuck after a few minutes - how to diagnose? | TrueNAS Community

And now I am pretty sure it is caused by Tailscale, but I can not change to OpenVPN like what jmruc did in his post.

So I am wondering if there is any way to make the replication task work with tailscale.

I would not be so certain about being the same issue. Please post your complete hardware list as well as your replication configuration.

The machine is a virtual machine under pve.

I’m pretty sure this is a tailscale related issue mainly because I can move one of the machines so they are in the same intranet. In this case my replication task completes normally.

When I put them in different places and connect them using tailscale’s subnet, they get stuck.

When using tailscale’s subnet, the two machines can ping each other. If I connect directly using ssh in the shell, the two machines can also connect to each other.

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I found that this seemed to be related to the MTU. After changing the MTU from 9000 to 1500 in the network settings, there seemed to be no problem.