Reporting time does not match local time

I have my local time set to Chicago but all of the Reporting graphs are showing Los_Angeles time and are 2 hours off. Is there a way to set the reporting to my local?

Time should be set to UTC in the BIOS.
Then set the timezone in TrueNAS and the time should be correct.

The BIOS only allows me to set a time but not a time zone. It is set to my local time as well

Exactly, set it to the time in UTC instead.
TrueNAS will then apply the timezone you set in the OS to show you the correct time.

Not saying your wrong but why would it use the BIOS time instead of what is in Localization?

I just checked Localization again and it is displaying Los_Angeles now instead of Chicago like it was earlier. Very Odd. I set it to Chicago and now the Reporting is showing correclty.