Restoring my PC backup to a VM machine using Veeam... the trick!

I mounted the veeam ISO as the CDROM and created a sparse 256 GiB Zol for my VM.

The big “trick” to getting this to work is to realize the Veeam recovery boot manager asks you to hit a key to boot from the CD. So if you missed your chance, you can exit and then pick the CDROM from the boot menu and try it again.

Of course, once your Windows is restored, no more issues. You can leave the CD in place if you want.

The restore from my Intel NUC to the VM worked flawlessly even though I used a Veeam restore ISO that was created on the NUC, and not on the VM.

When Windows started it loaded the new drivers for the new hardware and all worked just as expected.

Note that Veeam claims to do a full backup of all your hard disk partitions, but they are lying to you. I had an opensuse partition on one of my disks and the Veeam PC client will not backup or restore these partitions. Boy was I surprised when I found that out years later.