Restoring pool from manual rsync when in read only state

I am looking for some assistance on how to restore a backup of my zpool I made while it was in a read only state. So my system got broken when I had a power outage that was longer than the UPS battery could hold. I didnt setup the auto shutdown like I should have. This lead to my zpool to being in a state of I cannot restore it to TrueNAS but can import it in a read only state. While it was in a read only I was able to use rsync to backup all the data from the pool to an external drive. After I did my backup I was able to rebuild the pool through TrueNAS. I am now needing help in coping the data back to the new pool and getting TrueNAS to recognize it. When i try using rsync to move it back its not seeing the data in TrueNAS even after full restart. Right now I am trying to just get my VMS and ix-applications moved back over and re imported into TrueNAS. I am on TRUENAS SCALE bluefin.