Running on proxmox

So I was following these steps : truenas on procmox and I got to step 6 but when I clicked “Start” it just started it and is now running on my proxmox. So now I am a bit lost as to how to finish setting it up so I can access the 4 drives I have setup under Hardware.

Sorry if this is an easy question as I am completely new to TrueNAS… and proxmos for that matter. But I do have a few months of HAos experience and that is up and running fine in proxmox


Those instructions are missing the step to click on the “Console” button so you can see the console of the VM to install TrueNAS on it.

I’d also note that you’ve assigned far too little RAM to your VM–as that guide says, 8 GB is the bare minimum for TrueNAS, and really 16 GB is recommended as the minimum for most users. It also looks like you’re trying to pass through USB hard drives, which is a very bad idea.


Thanks dan. Yeah my Intel NUC only has 4gb ram installed in it. I figured since I would just be using TrueNAS to share out media files (music, TV, movies) that my Router was sharing out from its USB ports it would be a simple configuration. :man_shrugging:

So I take it I need to do something in the Console? :

Nothing about that is suitable to run TrueNAS, whether or not it’s on Proxmox. There are other NAS operating systems (perhaps OpenMediaVault) that would be more suitable for that hardware.

Once the installler finishes booting, you’d go through the installation process. But again, just stop; TrueNAS on this machine just isn’t a good combination.


The sad fact is that even if you installed TrueNAS bare metal it would be a poor fit for your hardware.

It’s unlikely to be a reliable way to store or access your media.

If the console isn’t updating past from when the screenshot was taken, it looks like it’s stuck for some reason. I’m not surprised it happens to be as it’s iterating your passed through USB devices. da3 only registering 40MB/s is also painful to see.

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Thank you again dan. I will uninstall truenas then. Do you think it is best to just keep using the drives attached to the Asus routers USB ports like I have been or would OpenMediaVault be a better fit for what I am trying to pull off?

If having the drives direct-attached to your router is meeting your needs, there may not be any real reason to change. OMV will bring quite a bit of flexibility and other features, though. It may require you to reformat your hard drives, though–TrueNAS definitely would have required this.

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Yeah I use the drives for my Plex Media server that runs on a Shield TV and for the most part it works but sometimes it does hang and I have to stop a show or movie and they resume it. Was just hoping to get some of the kinks out of my current setup by moving my PMS off the Shield TV and the drives off the Router for a bit more reliability.