Running qbittorrent server through vpn

I need guidance on how to setup a VPN so that I can torrent. I thought I would setup openvpn but I’m confused on how to start the client or install it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

for what is my recent experience, dont use openvpn… install wireguard in a jail and enojoy your VPN in 15-30 minutes


For my application I’m not trying to spin up a sever. But instead use a client that would connect to commercial\free vpn server. I would like to run my network traffic through protonVPN. But there isn’t a guide for doing so on core and most documentation is about making a server.

sorry i misunderstood your request.
Have u alredy read this?

I’ve read it but not sure if it would work with 13 and I’m having a hard time finding a config file for protonVPN. That guide looks to use openVPN. Does using openvpn client allow me to link an actual commercial vpn?

The openvpn client is still available in 13, and dont seems changed from the guide.
Protonvpn didn’t provide you a config file, like from your account?

I feel like an idiot, of course i need to get proton first and then request it… i was trying to set it up before i bought it .

WireGuard is superior to OpenVPN when it comes to torrenting.

ProtonVPN offers WireGuard as well.

You’d essentially create a qBittorrent jail, install the packages (qbittorrent-nox and wireguard-tools), and then use a Proton-provided WireGuard config file. (They might say “GNU/Linux”, but they work for FreeBSD as well.)

You’ll also need to add a tunable in the TrueNAS host itself:
System → Tunables → Add

  • Type: Loader
  • Varible: if_wg_load
  • Value: YES
  • Enabled: Yes

It goes without saying, inside the jail you’ll need to enable/configure the qbittorrent and wireguard services in rc.conf.


This is the way (winnielinnie’s suggestions).

I like to add a little ipfw ruleset on the guest to only allow the qbittorrent user to communicate over the VPN interface and to the local network, so it doesn’t work when the VPN is down.

Proton is good. Mullvad is good too. Many of the other VPN providers are owned by weird VPN conglomeration companies.