Samba Multichannel Core/Sclae

Hi all,

Should I move to Scale to benefit smb multichannel or stick with Core?


Multichannel doesn’t provide a whole lot of benefit that we’ve seen, but it does work on SCALE if you decide to go that route. However we’ve been steadily improving SMB performance on SCALE in general. On Dragonfish now pushing north of 3GB/s 4GB/s in single sequential file read/copy without it (More than 8K RAW video stream requirement). Huge limiting factor is your Windows client, you want a fast Windows system with high clock / memory speed.


@kris is that still dependent on having very fast single thread perf on the scale server?

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I am planning to use a 2 port 10G FC NIC on 3 different windows clients.And there will be 2 of them on the Truenas. There will be lots of big file transfer most of the time. So smb multichannel may bring better performance on Scale. Even 10% woul make a big difference for me.
Also I think I will need to upgrade windows clients for this.

Thanks for the feedback.

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You need less single thread performance on the TrueNAS server side than you do on the Windows client itself. But the more clock speed and memory speed you can give it the better overall it will be.

General rule of thumb is that if you want to optimize for maximum single client performance, less cores and higher clock is the way to go (Client and server both).

So a 6 core with a base clock of 5Ghz will be superior for single client performance vs 16 cores running at 2.8Ghz each. The latter far better if you have a LOT of clients to serve all at once.


Thanks for confirming the criteria I have long used for server CPU selection. I only have gig connections facing my SMB clients, and I don’t have a lot of them. The higher speed network is the storage one.

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