Samsung 990 Pro Early Failures (x4)

Here’s a reference to my old thread… I thought I had it fixed.

I have now had two more failures in the last month. Kind of lost as to what the check here. Failures always seem to occur within 30 days of a reboot. This one happened about 5 days after the last reboot. If the system can go over 30 days the liklihood they fail is low. If it goes up to 100+ days I don’t think they’ve ever had a failure in that case.

ASUS M.2 4 Slot Card (PCIE Bifurcation enabled)
Samsung 990 Pro

That nasty issue, yeah.
I would suggest changing drives.

Well, I would check for a firmware update.

My first SSD, a 2.5" SATA Samsung 1TB had a bug in which data corruption could occur because of the multi-level cell read methodology. Basically in order to store multiple bits in a single cell, it’s based on analog voltage. Too tight of read tolerances, and the bits could be lost.

The cells leak power over time, thus the need to have a range of values for each cell to determine what the output bits should be.

Anyway, Samsung released a firmware update that supposedly solved that problem. And close to 10 years later I am still using that SSD, (though not much, it’s it my old laptop).


Supposedly they run the latest firmware… at least according to the original thread if I did not read wrong.

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Try some Kingston KC3000 ? I have moved to those for my main rig, but my TrueNAS does have 2 x 980 PRO 2TB NVMe’s running right off the mobo main NVMe links and no issues for over a year now…