Samsung SSDs Firmware Update - No SSDs found


in a new system I installed two 1 TB Samsung EVO 870 SSD drives and want to check for firmware updates and - if available - install them, before installing the new system onto the drives.
As the system has no OS, yet, I downloaded the artifact “SATA SSD-870 EVO Firmware” from Samsung Tool & Software Download site and created a bootable USB drive out of the ISO image (using Rufus).

But now the problems start:
I booted successfully my Supermicro A2SDi-8C-HLN4F with the USB drive, but the Samsung software does not find the SSD drives (connected to the onboard SATA controller). To avoid possible issues with the specific Supermicro board, I also installed one of the SSDs into a Lenovo Thinkpad, which also booted fine from the USB drive, but the Samsung Software again was not able to detect the SSD. As a last try, I booted an old machine with a consumer Gigabyte motherboard and the same there.

Does the Samsung update tool from the ISO not work?
Have I downloaded the wrong artifact?
Any ideas?

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Probably only Samsung can tell. Best open a support issue with them.

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I have not used that software before however if you run smartctl -a /dev/ada0 (ada0 being the drive ident) then the SMART data should have a section called firmware. It should be SVT2B6Q just like the firmware you downloaded. If they do not match, then you have your answer about the firmware being up to date or not.

As for the installer, if you have a windows computer use the windows version, if you are using linux (Mac) then download the Mac version. This is just to create the bootable USB. But let’s hope your firmware is current.

I got feedback from the Samsung support.

My new Samsung 870 EVO drives were shipped with firmware version SVT03B6Q (all new drives are shipped with this version).

The latest downloadable firmware on the Samsung website is SVT02B6Q and only meant for updating older drives with firmware version SVT01B6Q. Such older drives cannot be updated to SVT03B6Q.