sata controller does not work with True Nas scale

Hello everyone,

I use a startech 8P6G-PCIE-SATA-CARD to connect additional HDDs. However, they do not appear in the BIOS nor in the True NAS OS.

Here is my configuration:
Motherboard; Asus B760M PLUS WIFI II
HDD: Segeate IronWolf
Controller : 8P6G-PCIE-SATA-CARD

The disks are detected under Windows I tested by installing it quickly.
The motherboard BIOS is up to date.
Thank you very much for your advice.

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So TrueNAS boots ok (presumably from a device attached directly to the MB)?

But drivers(?) are not included to recognise the specific SATA card you have?

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I found this page: Buy the StarTech 8P6G-PCIE-SATA-CARD 8 Port 6Gbps SATA PCIe Card Controller ( 8P6G-PCIE-SATA-CARD ) online -

There is a review comment which states: “However, it’s important to remember that compatibility with specific systems can vary, and unfortunately, this product is not a good match for our TrueNAS SCALE which is based on Debian Linux.”

Here is the STartech support page: 8 Port 6Gbps SATA PCIe Card Controller - SATA Controller Cards | Add-on Cards & Peripherals |

i don’t really know where i could use and install drivers, and how to do so…

Ok so i should change with an other card that is supported on debian / linux ?
I’ll contact the startech support before yes…

Thank you

Used (or new) LSI HBA is the most commonly recommended one.

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You can’t, really. At least, not in any supported way.