SCALE apps, metallb and network interfaces


Just migrated to SCALE last week, I was using jails a lot on CORE and now I’m kinda teaching myself and reading lots on the web to wrap my head around kubernetes since it’s a pretty different beast.

I prefer to have dedicated IPs for my apps since I use many, it’s easier for me to have multiple IPs instead of having all ports tied to the server’s IP. So I learned that I should be using metallb from truecharts to accomplish that. It’s working well but the place I can’t quite understand is that the apps don’t seem to be aware that they have another IP tied to them. See the screenshot ;

Screenshot 2024-05-19 130212

I reach my Plex server from a LAN IP on 10.10.1.x/24 but Plex does not display that since I guess it’s not a “real” interface…

Someone can explain this to me like I’m 5yo?


Or you could just use Jails on Scale too :wink:

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I agree. I gave up on metalb and scale’s kubernutty. I did stux’s great video on jail/docker and never looked back. Much much easier. Plus it is much less taxing on the system.


Didn’t about that option and it rocks!

I think I’ll use a mix of sandboxes and apps depending on needs.

Thanks for sharing this! :ok_hand::+1:

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