SCALE Enclosure Incorrect after upgrade from Core

New Mini-X diskless which ran Core out of the box, added 3 hdd and 1 ssd, created test pool. View Enclosure displayed disks in the correct slots:
slot 1 > sda
slot 2 > sdb
slot 3 > sdc
slot 4 > empty
slot 5 > empty
slot 6 > sdd
slot 7 > empty

Then I upgraded to SCALE, no other changes, but View Enclosure is incorrect:
slot 1 > empty
slot 2 > empty
slot 3 > empty
slot 4 > empty
slot 5 > sda
slot 6 > sdb
slot 7 > sdc

Is there a fix for this? The pool was deleted, disks have no data, so a complete reset is an option.

Hi, some users are here with the same observation, but non-IX systems enclosures ( sda, sdb, etc.) can see it as well. After most reboots, the disks change positions randomly. So take care to format the right!
see here: Scale changes the disk position after a reboot

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That question was discussed, somewhat heatedly, on the announcement thread for Dragonfish. I think the consensus was that the juice just wasn’t worth the squeeze.

My guess for a storage-system, it’s not really a feature “identifying the right disk”; it’s a must.

That’s only tangentially related to this discussion. The boot pool is created using disk IDs (sda, sdb, etc.). On the announcement thread for Dragonfish, a new user who didn’t have the first clue how TrueNAS works made a big stink about that fact, apparently believing it was true of any pools TrueNAS created (it isn’t).

Under Linux (and thus under SCALE), it’s apparently normal for devices to shuffle around when you reboot–what was sda the last time you booted could be sdc this boot. So far as it goes, this isn’t a problem. But the wrong slots showing “empty” is a problem. I’d suggest asking iX support about it, since it’s their hardware.


You say that but according to your lists you had 4 drives in your Core install and 5 drives in SCALE, did something else change?

Good question. That /dev/sdd disappeared from View Enclosure but it really exists physically in the same enclosure slot of course. It’s also listed in Disks correctly.

This is the most concerning symptom, that a disk would be in-use, in-pool but not shown on View Enclosure after upgrade.

I was somewhat perplexed that iXsystems would try and identify each disk by slot in a Mini or other supported hardware.

In my old MiniXL, there were cables that could be plugged or unplugged any which way, making the job of associating a particular hotswap slot with a particular drive impossible unless every Mini leaving a factory has the exact same configuration re: which cable from which motherboard SATA port goes to a particular drive location / slot.

Perhaps the new Minis and other iXsystem hardware have hardcoded backplanes to make consistently assigning a drive to a particular hotswap bay / slot easier? It’s a cool graphic - but I’d still use a label maker to illustrate which drive S/N is in what slot.

FWIW, I absolutely love that the Lian Li lets me see the OEM serial number stickers of the drives while they are locked into their tower, reducing the likelihood of pulling the wrong drive.

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Thx for the replies. To be clear, pools and general disk management is OK-no worries there as I label each bay/caddy with disk serial. @Constantin, agree simple disk serial label on the bay caddy is best.

SCALE’s View Enclosure Screen is really about iXSystems mapping the motherboard Mini-SAS ports to the enclosure backplane slots (bays) to disk serials (kinda like a double-hop map). Seems that iXSystems was working on it?.

Interestingly, this person solved the problem by swapping the Mini-SAS-to-4-SATA splitter cables to the backplane. I will try that for jollies, see how View Enclosure behaves.

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I’d submit a bug report.

This is one of the key features of iX supported hardware.

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Suggest you reboot and clear the browser cache 1st.
Can you then confirm the specific SCALE versions and capture a screenshot… Then you can point out which drives are wrong. This can than be lodged as a bug ticket…

View Enclosure screenshot after upgrade to TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4:

Platform: TRUENAS-MINI-3.0-X

@Captain_Morgan , I have the disk serials and other metadata from the original, pre-upgrade.

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Not good… if reboot and webcache is cleared, then report a bug.

It might be an internal wiring change or a software issue. If you can provide serial number and date of purchase, it will help diagnose.

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Could you double check the version number? TrueNAS-SCALE-22.02.4? Upgrading from CORE to Angelfish? First recommendation would be to upgrade following the recommended path to Dragonfish.