SCALE| Nextcloud refuses to start

I followed this video: exactly. I setup two datasets one for the nextcloud service and one for nextcloud user data and the service is stuck on:

2024-05-04 16:49:18 Job has reached the specified backoff limit

2024-05-04 16:49:18 Saw completed job: nextcloud-nextcloud-cron-28581105, status: Failed

I read in another post on the fourms about having to edit folder permissions in advanced but it wasnt very clear on what they exactly meant.

Can someone guide me in the right direction?
Thank you.

2024-05-04 18:46:39.125067-07:00wget: can’t connect to remote host ( Connection refused

2024-05-04 18:46:39.125192-07:00Waiting for [http://nextcloud:80]

Did you follow the instructions documented here:

These instructions are a little out of date with the current UI but do provide the information you need to deploy Nextcloud in SCALE.