SCALE not respecting DHCP reservation

Same problem as here: SCALE not respecting dhcp reservation | TrueNAS Community

The IP address will not respect the reservation on my asus router. IP randomly bounces around in the middle of a file transfer. Manually releasing an renewing and it wont update to the correct IP.

I ended up setting the interface to a static IP so it isn’t using DHCP but something seems broken here…

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You probably have the wrong MAC address configured in DHCP on your router.

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Even if your DHCP reservation isn’t working you still shouldn’t see your IP address actually changing.

Once a lease is accepted by a client it should check in with the DHCP server once it reaches the half life of the lease time and ask to extend the lease. The leased IP address should only change if the DHCP server has handed out the address to another client (which shouldn’t happen).

You’re better off giving it a static address, though.

FWIW, if your server is changing it’s IP address while up and running that could well be feeding into the problems you mentioned in the other thread about apps not working…

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I set it to static before I got the errors I posted in the other thread. and no the mac address is not incorrect in my router.