Scale Receiving Native VPN Support

Will Truenas support native VPN for apps going forward since we will no longer have the option to use Truecharts apps and their vpn options?

You will have that option–it’ll involve a custom VM, but they already have a lot of the documentation up on how that’s going to work.

But to your actual question, they haven’t said.

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For Electric Eel, it will allow a wide range of ingress and VPNs, with the prerequisite that they can be run in a standard linux container. There will also be a concept of a private/local network for a set of Apps and its network ingress. The open question is which of the VPNs and ingress will be easiest to configure and make reliable.

Wireguard, NGinX, Caddy, Traefik are examples of what is possible. Is there a specific one you want?

More info will be available later this month as the Nightly versions become available.


I would say OpenVPN would play well with 99% of people and support from their preferred provider is pretty much an absolute.

Wireguard is already included on Scale and I use it. There’s just no GUI for it, need command line to create the config file.