Schedule Long SMART on the first Saturday of every month

As the title says, I’m trying to schedule Long SMART Tests on the first Saturday of every month. However, it doesn’t seem like I’m able to set the desired cron schedule using the TueNAS SCALE Web UI.

I’m wondering if it’s a limitation of cron itself. I’ve read that there are newer versions of cron out there that can do the following with #. For example:

“At 02:00 on the first Saturday of the month.”
0 2 * * 6#1 

This doesn’t work on The SCALE UI though.

Would you guys recommend setting up the cron via the CLI?

Any advice appreciated!

Days “1-7” instead of “*”?

Yup tried it but its being handled as an ‘OR’ condition - so it runs on the first 7 days and every Saturday after.


Woah, didn’t we already have this discussion.

@stux I remembered the same and was just about to do the search and say the same thing myself.

I guess this is a reminder for us all to put in the effort and search for an existing answer rather than transferring the effort onto others by asking the same question yet again.

Apologies for not looking hard enough. Thanks @Stux and @Protopia - will refer to the other thread then.

Altho it’s the same core issue… you should at least comment on the feature request or add a similar one for your case (smart)

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I just explained how you can apply the workarounds from that superuser discussion in TrueNAS: