Scripted Resilio Sync Installation

Resilio Sync has disappeared from the FreeNAS Plugins Collection. Curiously, while Resilio Sync can still be compiled from a FreeBSD port, due to licensing restrictions, a pre-built binary package of the port is no longer available, so pkg install rslsync returns nothing from the FreeBSD package mirrors.

This scripted installation of Resilio Sync will create a jail, install the latest version of Resilio Sync (x64) for FreeBSD from, and store its configuration and client backup data outside the jail.
This resource was originally created by user: Basil Hendroff on the TrueNAS Community Forums Archive. Please DM this account or comment in this thread to claim it.

Scripted installation instructions are at

Acknowledgements: @danb35 for allowing me to reuse code fragments from his scripts and adopt his documentation style to facilitate rapid script development and deployment, and maintain a consistent look-and-feel.