Scripted Uptime-Kuma Installation (TrueNAS CORE)

Scripted Installation of Uptime-Kuma for TrueNAS CORE

This script will create a jail, install Uptime-Kuma and mount the data outside the jail. This makes it easy to rebuild the jail without losing your data.

Reinstall is supported without having to move or backup your data.

Instructions and downloads are at

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hi, i have tryied to install this application but seems not working for me.
On installation log i could see that this command:
iocage exec “${JAIL_NAME}” cp -f /mnt/includes/uptimekuma /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

fail with no such file or directory.
I have tried to “hardcode” my path with same result.
Is something im doing wrong?

That directory should have been created automatically.

When the script fails, can you see if it exists inside the jail?


the folder exist with inside only a file git_daemon.
Also got those warning (dont know if related)

Screenshot 2024-05-09 155409

My bad. It looks like the /mnt/includes directory is what it’s talking about.

Can you check the log and see if it mounted the “includes” directory into your jail?

here the full log file:

Do a git pull and try again. Somehow the command went missing to mount the “includes” directory.

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work fine thanks for support!