Seeking Help with Minecraft Java App Crashing on TrueNAS Scale

Hi everyone, I’m having an issue with my Minecraft Java app (app version: 2024.5.0, chart version: 9.0.12) from Truecharts. I configured the server locally to install plugins and generate the different worlds. The server ran for an entire day without crashing.

However, when I moved the server to the app folder, it crashes regularly with the following message:

2024-06-01 17:13:32.726945+02:002024-06-01T17:13:32.725+0200	WARN	mc-server-runner	Minecraft server failed. Inspect logs above for errors that indicate cause. DO NOT report this line as an error.	{"exitCode": -1}
2024-06-01 17:13:32.727152+02:002024-06-01T17:13:32.726+0200	INFO	mc-server-runner	Done

I can’t figure out where the problem is, considering I gave the app the necessary permissions after copying the various folders/files.

For your information, I have no errors in the logs when the server starts up.

Thanks for your help.

You’d probably be better off asking on the Truecharts discord. They don’t really visit these forums for support.

I am currently in discussion with them.
But I’m trying to get ideas from everywhere. :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

Are there any logs above that you haven’t pasted?
I set up a minecraft server recently via the official apps and setup was pretty easy, even with fabric / forge mods.

No, and that’s what bothers me a bit. I have shared all the logs I have for the relevant period with you.

Because I can’t even see the error in the logs, I see it on the application’s shell, but when I go to the server’s log folder, I only have the startup logs. If I manage to connect to it, I can see my connection, of course, but the crash itself is not recorded in the logs.

And that’s what makes me think that the crash is related to the application itself and not to an error with the server. But I can’t understand what generates this error and prevents the application from being stable.

Despite checking the TrueNAS stats, I don’t see any dips or spikes indicating a hardware problem. I have reinstalled the application several times with the same result. Even with a clean installation, without any plugins or specific configurations, the server crashes.

I’ll share the configuration of my NAS with you. There is probably something I did wrong or didn’t do that is causing this problem.