Self-Test Log error count increased from 0 to 1. Replace disk?

Recently I received email notification on this:

Device: /dev/sdd [SAT], Self-Test Log error count increased from 0 to 1.

Output of
sudo smartctl -x /dev/sdd gives snipped below:

Output of
sudo smartctl -a /dev/sdd gives snipped below:

Is it advisable to replace this disk?

How long have you had this disk? Still under warranty? Does running a manual short selftest also result in an error?

If so, yes, I wouldn’t take any chances. I’d replace the disk and resilver. The sooner, the better.


Ran a fast one,

I’ve had the disk for years. I guess I’ll replace it soon.

That’s a meme right there:

Long test fails, short test passes. Not sure if you should run another long test or just replace the disk. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Smart test fails. In warranty. Replace. Not hard.

Outside of warranty. Now you have decisions to make.

Surely there’s a koan or haiku in there…

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I’ll one up you on that:

Long test fails.

Short test passes.

Scrub passes.

Drive is outside of warranty.

Manufacturing centers get flooded.

Price of harddrives sky-rocket.


Hurry. You have 60 seconds to answer the question for the million dollar prize!

@Kasazn if the data is irreplaceable (even if you have a recent, working backup), I’d definitely err on the side of replacing the drive if you can afford it.

I zeroed the disk and reran the long. It passed. And all pendings went away.

It finished burn in again.

It’s about to go back in service. Just 5 years old :wink:

But it’s on its final warning. Next stop is the bin.

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Good actions, good decision IMO.