Send test Email, Errore

Salve, premetto che non sono un esperto di TrueNas. Ho seguito una guida su YT per tutta l’installazione e funziona tutto perfettamente.

L’unico inconveniente riguarda per il test dell’email che mi restituisce : Error: [EFAULT] Failed to send email: Unable to find the server at

Non so perché non trova il sito. Ho letto che potrebbe essere un problema di Firewall o Ping. Per quanto riguarda il Ping ho controllato e mi restituisce un valore si 4,3ms. Perciò non saprei dove potrebbe essere il problema. Se qualcuno ha qualche idea.

For others (via deepl):

Hi, I premise that I am not an expert on TrueNas. I followed a guide on YT for the whole installation and everything works perfectly.
The only drawback concerns for the email test which returns me : Error: [EFAULT] Failed to send email: Unable to find the server at
I don't know why it can't find the site. I read that it could be a Firewall or Ping problem. Regarding Ping I checked and it returns a value of 4.3ms. So I don't know where the problem could be. If anyone has any ideas.

What are you trying to send email from, a gmail address?
If so, the correct SMTP configuration should be as follows:

Outgoing Mail Server:
Mail Server Port: 587
Security: TLS (STARTTLS)
SMTP Authentication: Yes (check)
Password: iUseThisPasswordToLogInToGmaiL!!!

This is for SCALE but it should be applicable to CORE as well.

si, Gmail.
Scusami ma in quale voce del menù di truenas, posso verificare quei parametri? Ho guardato ma non trovo niente.

I don’t use CORE so am getting this from the documentation.
Should be in System > Email:

A ok. Allora andava bene come ho impostato. Ho utilizzato il metodo GMail OAuth. Faccio l’autenticazione e l’autorizzazione.

é per quello che non capisco il perché mi dia errore. é tutto corretto ma da errore

Ahhhh, okay, I understand! Apologies for the initial misinterpretation, I’ve actually never seen the Gmail OAuth option before, must have always glazed over it previously!

I’ve just tested it from my system and it seems to work okay. So odd that yours is not working. Is this a new system? What does your network setup look like? Do you have DNS and a default gateway configured (I assume yes as you can ping, though unsure if you tested this from TrueNAS CLI or not)?

(also only just noticed this is in TrueNAS General, non English topics should be posted in International)

an ok. However, I pinged from a specific site. for the DNS Server and Default Gateway, I have set them. From here TrueNAS CLI I didn’t do it because I don’t know how to do it.

You should be able to access a shell from the TrueNAS WebUI

See if you can ping out to from there.

ping -c 3
PING ( : 56 data bytes

---  ping statisticcs ---
3 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100.0% packets loss

no way.

Can you send me a screenshot of your network tab? Let’s try and see where the connectivity is failing here :slight_smile:

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do you mean Global Configuration?

Interface and global configuration. The whole page would be good as I’m not completely familiar with the layout of CORE, the more info the better.

Is your gateway/router’s IP Address If so that all looks okay.

It’s the IP I assigned at the beginning, disabling DHCP in Network->Interfaces

Please update your default gateway to your router’s IP Address (in most cases this should be then try and see if connectivity is sorted.

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Wow, great job. A thousand thanks


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