Server Wake On LAN

How can I turn on my TrueNAS Scale server remotely? Is there a Wake On LAN (WOL) utility?

  1. How to do this on my home network?
  2. How can I do this from a remote location?

Thats a function of the hardware / system BIOS. Its not a function of TrueNAS.


  1. You use a WoL program - or manually create a magic packet
  1. If the motherboard supports WoL there will typically be a setting controlling it in the BIOS. I’d start looking in the power section.
  2. You can, but magic packets won’t survive traversing the public net. The only sane I see is through a VPN tunnel. I would ssh into a box on the target network and send the magic packet from there.

Log into IPMI… if it is a genuine server board.

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Can even do it from a script with ipmiutil if you have the ipmi accessible to your vpn etc

How To Wake On LAN

Download WakeMeOnLAN

Thats not true.

You need to enable WOL in Bios yes, but you need also change the driver.

In an old Thread i found it: SOLVED - Enable WOL | TrueNAS Community

You need to add a “init/Shutdown Script” with command: ethtool -s enp3s0 wol g

After this and reboot it works for a while.

In my case i added the same for shutdown.

The WOL run after this setting in my case for ~1 Day. After ~24 hours the WOL not work again and i need to start the server directly. I dont know why, but the network Card went offline after ~20 hours with all energy efficiency options off.