Set up TrueNAS Scale on gaming computer


So I have been planning on setting up a TrueNAS server at home for a while and just now jumped on the opportunity to get a computer for free, that was collecting dust in a basement.

Looking at it now, I find the following hardware:

Chassis: Fractal Design Meshify C
MB: ROG Strix B550-F
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 8GB x 2
GPU: ASUS Geforce DUAL-RTX3070-O8G
1 x SSD WD Black SN750 NVMe 1TB
2 x HDD
Western Digital WD4005FZBX 4TB

Does this looks like a reasonable fit for TrueNAS Scale?
If I am not mistaken, MB+CPU supports ECC, but I would need additional RAM. Any suggestions here?
Also, while the MB has 6 SATA connectors, the chassis can only take 2 3.5" drives. How do I solve this if I want 6 drives? Or am I better off just buying two large disks and mirror?

Thank you for all and any input!

hi, mainboard and cpu supports ecc, but dont think your ram are ECC so for sure you will need to replace them (and, imho, 16gb are still a “poor” choice).
Mainboard have Intel NIC, but is 2.5… dont know if will be good or will be better replace it.
All HD’s seems to be CMR, like they must be :smiley:
If you want, maybe save your NVME for run apps, and use another “smaller” disk for boot (share same disk for boot and apps is not a good idea).
That GPU will be an overkill, but your CPU dont have an integrated one.
The choice to keep ur disk or the case depends strictly on your needs :wink:

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The WD Black drive is a SSD, so SMR/CMR is irrelevant.

According to, that model is CMR.

The wd40efrx are not CMR?

Sorry - my mistake, I should have checked the specific drive. EFRX are indeed CMR and so OK.

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No - the WD Black drive is an HDD:

According to WD it is a 7200RPM CMR drive with a 256MiB cache inside designed for gaming.

Depending on how old the setup is, I suggest to replace anything with moving parts. Since a NAS will probably be running 24/7.

You really scare me :smiley: i use EFRX too xD

Yes - but some WD Red drives are SMR and unsuitable and WD recommend using WD Red Plus or Pro instead. That is why I was confused.

Absolutely, they really made a lot of confusion about that, this site i linked above help a lot on that… and funny fact i found that i have had 2 unused desktop wd blue/green disk that are CRM and not SMR… obv im not so sure they can be used 24/7 but are suitable for zfs (maybe external replication task, or on a backup nas…im evaluating)

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Thank you for your helpful suggestions!

Indeed, it is confusing with the available hardware and options. My plan now is to:

  • Make a toy install to confirm there are no issues. Already done, and I had no issues during installation
  • Replace the RAM with 32GB ECC and buy an extra SSD for boot device as suggested. Any suggestions re components here? Would 2 of these be fine?
  • Make a final install of TrueNAS using the available 4TB drives in a mirror, while figuring out my storage needs.
  • Possibly (probably?) buy necessary equipment for running 6x4TB in RAIDZ2 and migrate the data from the old pool to that one. I would need some solution for connecting these drives externally then. Any solutions for a 4-bay external storage to complement the two available spaces in the chassis?

Does this sound ok in general? Would I need to invest in faster NIC? Can I do that later on if needed or will that cause issues?